Monday, December 12, 2011

The Art of Music

I don't have a lot of space to hide electronic devices in my condo, so it's ideal if my functional items are both attractive and useful.

For the last few years, the only source of music I have had is an inexpensive clock radio in my bedroom, my iPhone and iTunes on my laptop. I would like to be able to listen to music from my iPod as well as the radio in my kitchen and living room, so have put a couple of stereo options on my Christmas wish list. I appreciate good music, but am definitely not an audiophile. I just want a decent sounding player that is easy to use.

Below are some of the high style iPod speaker options I have come across during my research (from low to high). All prices are in Canadian dollars.

West Elm Ceramic Pig Speaker, $52.18

This pig speaker is all over blogland, and with good reason - it's adorable! I love how when it's not in use, it's just a cute ceramic item. The downside for me is that it doesn't contain a radio and it's apparently on back order until March, so won't be sitting ready and waiting under the Christmas tree.

Tivoli Model One Table Radio, $149.99 (on sale)

The Tivoli Model One is a radio first and iPod speaker second. The iPod (or other mp3 players) can be attached to it via a wire. I love the retro look of it and it gets good reviews for its reception capabilities and audio quality. This one went on the wishlist. The only downside is the fact that the iPod power will drain as it plays - I do like a dock that also charges. The Tivoli comes in a number of colours.

Crosley Ranchero Radio, $180.89

The Crosley Ranchero Radio looks like it comes from another time - perfect for that atomic vintage home. Unfortunately, it doesn't really get great reviews for its sound, but if looks are of the utmost importance then I think this one is a definite contender.

The Vers 1.5R is attractive to look at and apparently has good audio quality. While I like the fact that it is a clock radio, it's not something I really need, as I will be using it in the living room. This went on the wish list as well, but I am guessing I'm more likely to receive the less expensive Tivoli. The Vers is available in a number of wood types, including Bamboo.
Geneva Model S, $249.99 (on sale)

The next step up is the Geneva Model S, which is the entry level Geneva model. It's a radio and iPod dock with some cool features like a dock that is usually hidden but rotates into position when needed. It can be supported by the silver stand as shown, or small feet (my preferred look). This is on my list as the "if Santa is feeling generous" option. The Geneva is available in white, black, red and silver.

Finally, there is the Geneva Model M, which is one of the higher end Geneva models. It looks good, and gets great reviews, but is not for me. I'm not enough of a music appreciator to need quite such a high end option, but I can certainly appreciate its nice and clean design. The Model M is available in white, black, red and walnut.


  1. I've always really liked the Tivoli, I would just like one with an alarm clock that has a radio option to wake up to and haven't seemed to find it. I've since given up on an alarm clock all together and just use my iphone. But have to go in to my living room to turn Matt Galloway in the AM. I would like him to wake me up :)

  2. Couldn't you play Matt Galloway through your iPhone? I'm sure there must be a radio app you could use! The Tivoli is awesome, I definitely like the look of that one the best.

  3. How about the Tivoli Model Three?

  4. Or the Model Ten