Friday, May 25, 2012

Jonathan Adler at Homesense!

I have been a fan of Jonathan Adler's pottery and animal menagerie for a while now.

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{Image Source}

Unfortunately, while I appreciate the aesthetics of his style, his wares can be a little pricey.

In the past, Homesense has done a good job of providing me with some Jonathan Adler knock-offs for less.

His refined ceramic birds below.
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My much less refined (but still beloved) knock-offs.

His dachshund bookends designed for Barnes & Noble (not actually that pricey, but expensive to ship to Canada).

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My almost identical version from Homesense. Slightly off topic, but Homesense often prices what obviously are paired items separately. So in their infinite wisdom, the front end of the dachshund was priced separately from the back.

So while I have bought a couple of Jonathan Alder "themed" items from Homesense, I have never actually come across the real thing until last week-end.

As I was perusing the Warden and Eglinton location, a beautiful yellow and gold bowl caught my eye. I have no need for any more decorative items, but the bowl was so striking, I picked it up to get a closer look at it's glossy finish.

I flipped it over and was surprised to see a Jonathan Adler makers mark. The price was $29.99 and said compare at $110.

I don't always trust the compare at price at Homesense, so I did a quick Google search and realised that yes indeed the item I was holding was in fact an authentic Jonathan Adler bowl that was priced at $110. It was the Persephone Bowl from the Santorini collection.

{Image Source}
Both the yellow and turquoise bowls were available, so I spent some time trying to decide which one I should take. You can probably guess what happened next.

Yep, I came home with both.

There were some other items from the Santorini line still available in the Warden store last Saturday.

And when I visited the new Spadina store later on in the week-end, they had both Persephone bowls and a vase. I think they're all seconds but the flaws are so minimal they won't affect your enjoyment.

So if Jonathan Adler floats your boat as much as he floats mine, get thee to Homesense and score yourself some colour!

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