Sunday, October 23, 2011

As Seen On TV

It's a lazy Sunday around here. After a short trip to a Halloween store on the Danforth to pick up a bow and arrow (I'm dressing as Katniss from The Hunger Games) and a walk in the off leash park with my Miniature Poodle (Mr.) Darcy, I stopped by the St Lawrence Antique Market.

I am a regular visitor to the antique market, which has everything from truly historic and rare pieces to random bits of tit and tat. The antique market takes place every Sunday; the rest of the week the market sells every type of food you can imagine, with a local farmer's market also on site on Saturdays.

While I'm a frequent browser at the market, I usually don't actually buy anything . I only walked through the outside portion of the market today as I had Darcy in tow. While dogs are allowed inside on Sundays, it's not his favourite outing in the world and I often end up having to carry him. He's 20 pounds, so that gets old fast.

"I don't like antique shopping"

As I toured through the usual knick knacks and bits and bobs, a large picture caught my eye. It was a vibrant and abstract rendition of a lily pond, and the price was actually within a range I would be comfortable with. After some discussion and haggling with the vendor, I walked away with the picture for $95, which seemed reasonable for framed art of that size (almost 40 inches).

So here is my latest home design addition! The frame is a light green colour and has some chipping, so I may eventually paint it.

Tadashi Asoma, "Lily Pond In Summer"

Once I was home, I hopped online to do some research on my new piece, but I couldn't find much. It seems that my new print is no longer available through online poster dealers, but I couldn't find anything to say whether it was worth more than I had paid for it (the vendor had suggested it might be, but they always say that).

So I finished my online research none the wiser as to the potential dollar value of my new purchase, but I did find out something even more meaningful to a TV addict such as myself.

My new print has appeared on not one but two television shows!

Here it is on The Golden Girls:
{Tadashi Asoma Painting from The Golden Girls via Blanche Online}

And more recently, it (or something very similar to it) appears in Cougar Town (haha, Snuggies!)

{Tadashi Asoma Painting from Cougar Town via Hooked on Houses}

Interestingly, I already have the EAT sign from Cougar Town hanging in my kitchen.
{Anthropologie EAT letters via Hooked on Houses}

Now I'm wondering what kind of subconscious impact the shows I watch are having on my decorating style.

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