Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Buy Second-Hand

I am an avid browser of Craigslist and other online listings sites. If I had a motto when it came to home design, it would probably be "never pay retail".

Unfortunately, while I am constantly spotting amazing finds that I would love to showcase in my own home, I live in a less than 700 square foot condo and don't want to be appearing in an episode of Hoarders any time soon. So part of the reason I started this blog was to have an outlet to share some of the items I come across in the hope they are perfect for someone else out there!

My first find this week is these amazing mid century chairs from GUFF on Queen East. The chevron/ zig zag pattern is so current, and they seem to be in great condition! If I had space in my living room and a bit of extra cashola, these babies would be coming home with me.
GUFF chairs, $365 each

How about going back to school with these lockers? I can see them as storage in a large, open loft space.
Lockers, $100
This gold toned trunk could look great in the right space, and the cedar lining is great for clothes storage. These types of trunks are in all the design stores along King Street East.
Gold Storage Trunk $250

I really like this wicker shelving unit and could see it left as is or spray painted another colour. The shape is unique and I like how the sides have an open weave.
Wicker Shelf, $60

This desk or table has great lines, and for $40 could easily be custom painted, although I kind of like the coral colour it is now.
Desk, $40

And last but not least, what about these coat hooks? I can picture them hanging in an entry way, right next to the front door. After all, nothing says "welcome to my home" like a bunch of severed baby limbs.
Baby Arms Coat Hanger, $45
Yeah. Ok, so maybe not. I never said everything on Craigslist was a winner.

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