Friday, November 11, 2011

A Sofa Love Story

Back when I was a first time soon to be condo owner, I had many plans for my new space. One of my top priorities was a new couch. As an avid TV watcher and online surfer, my sofa is a critical part of my living space.

I started out doing research online with a "no budget" approach. I browsed blogs, online furniture stores and discussion boards. It was on one particular blog that I found a sofa that peaked my interest: the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams "Claude" sofa.

My inspiration couch {found at A Browner Brown}

I had never heard of the brand Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, so I hopped on their website to see what I could find. And that's where I stumbled across a sofa that pushed all thoughts of "Claude" from my mind.

The Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams "Alex" sofa had everything I was looking for. Clean, modern lines? Check. Small footprint for condo living? Check. Comfy cushions that would allow me to lounge for hours on end? Check. This was the one, and I quickly copied it into my "new home style" folder.

With a passion for a sofa I was determined should be mine, I started searching for dealers who might have the "Alex" sofa in stock in Toronto, but I quickly hit a hurdle. The brand of sofas was available in Toronto, but only at high end and super expensive stores like Elte. With a fast growing renovation budget and other moving costs mounting up, it seemed the "Alex" was destined to be merely a pinup inspiration rather than reality in my living room.

So with visions of sofas dancing through my head, what was a big dreaming but small budgeted girl to do? Why turn to Craigslist of course!

I spent days and weeks surfing the 'list. Sofas scrolled before my eyes but none matched my vision like the "Alex" had.

And then one day, as I was browsing through the ugly chintz and dated corduroy once again, a picture of loveliness appeared on my screen. A low profile, modern, low armed sofa in a grey tweed that looked very similar to the "Alex" of my dreams. $200 the ad said. Bought from Caban (the now defunct home furnishings arm of Club Monaco.) If I couldn't bring home THE sofa, then this looked like a very suitable alternative.

The Craigslist image that caught my eye.

I emailed the listing to my mom. "I don't really like grey tweed" she replied. I mulled this over before deciding that while mom knows best on most things, this was one area I would follow my own instincts on.

I emailed the seller. Was the sofa still available? Could I come see it? He replied in the affirmative and with a time and place for viewing.

So that week-end my mom and I stopped by a cute little row house in Little Italy. I walked into a wood floored and high ceilinged Victorian room, and there was the sofa. It looked just like my vision, and after a quick sit test and glance over to confirm that the sofa was in great condition, I announced that I would take it.

I handed over the $200 and after arranging a time for pick up was getting ready to leave when the seller handed over the original booklet that came with the sofa. As I glanced down at the crumpled papers, I almost couldn't believe my eyes.


This sofa was not just a look alike or an alternative to the one I wanted. It was in fact the exact brand and model that was sitting right there in my inspiration file! I skipped out of that house with a spring in my step and a smile on my face.

My dream sofa was mine.

Old photo of my living room

And I'm happy to report that 4 years later, the feelings are still there. The "Alex" is the one for me.

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  1. Wow. how awesome is that! I love the sofa, and I love, love, love the price!!