Monday, December 19, 2011

Update from my Parents' House

There have been many changes since the last time I posted an update on my parents' house.

The biggest change is that the dining room is finished!

And we're all really happy with out it turned out. When I last posted, my parents still wanted to add a rug and a buffet. Well, we found both in the last couple of weeks.

The buffet is from a Craigslist seller called YesterYears Treasures. He takes older pieces of furniture, updates them and then sells them on Craigslist. The buffet is perfect and looks like it was made for the dining room.

The rug is an indoor-outdoor rug from Crate and Barrel called Savannah Cane that looks just like a natural weave. It's perfect for a dining room, as if any food falls on it, it can just be taken outside and hosed down.

The former dining room now study/ office is also looking a little more put together.
Most of the furniture was just moved from the front room back, but the rug was formerly in my condo. I gave it to my parents as it was just perfect for their space. We all love the new seating area, it is so warm and cozy to sit there with a book and feet up on the ottoman. We also put up an oil rubbed bronze schoolhouse ceiling light from Union Lighting.

So just as a reminder, here is how the two spaces once looked.

And here they are today.

The only thing we are now looking for is a desk for the space where the Christmas Tree is currently sitting. The little desk that is currently next to the pine cabinet will go. And eventually the two armchairs need to be recovered, as they have a few rips and tears.


  1. Looks good! Im liking the buffet! Tia

  2. Yeah, the buffet is great. It looks even better in person (and in daylight), the whole house feels so much more up to date.

  3. WOWZERS!!! Looking really good!!! I like the transformation a lot!!! Nice work!