Monday, November 21, 2011

It's Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas

I attended the Toronto Santa Claus parade with a friend and her kids on Sunday. My friend and I used to attend the parade every year with our families when we were little, so it was kind of surreal to be there with her little ones oohing and aahing at all the floats.

It definitely put me in a Christmas frame of mind, although I'm not one to be throwing decorations up too far out from the holidays. So I decided to spend a little time on a craft project I had pinned a few weeks ago that would satisfy my holiday mood without going all out.

I have a fair amount of glitter foam sheets left over from my Katniss Halloween costume. When I saw these glittery HO HO HO letters on Pinterest, I knew it was something I could recreate on the cheap.

 And here's my interpretation...

This garland was pretty quick and easy to do in front of the TV. I just drew the letters out on the back of my glittery card, and then cut them out with a utility knife. After I had completed my first set of letters, I traced them for the next few to make sure they were all consistent. Then as I still wanted a little length for my garland to stretch right across the TV stand, I cut out a couple of glittery circles.

My letters weren't perfect, but from a distance, you can't see the uneven cuts.

Finally I hot glued my letters onto some sparkly string I picked up the other day at Ikea.
Vrsno String from the Ikea Winter Collection 2011
So there you have it. A low cost, easy to do, fun garland that brings just the right amount of holiday into the home when it's really not quite time for the whole shebang.

Update: I have now had this garland up for 2 weeks, and found the "H" letters started to bend due to to the force of the string and gravity (the "O"s are fine). So I cut out some back support letters from cardboard, hot glued it on and the garland is now looking perfect and will carry through Christmas and into future Christmases!

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